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Month: July 2022


How to integrate Cypress with Database in Azure Pipeline for Test cases Execution

How to Integrate Cypress with Database in Azure Pipeline for Test cases Execution Blog cover about integrating Cypress with Database in Azure Cloud for Test cases Execution. Cypress connects to the azure database Pre-request Create SQL Database in Azure Cloud Step…

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How to Integrate Allure report with Cypress?

Why is Allure Reporting to Cypress? Cypress Installation Step to Install cypress Allure Installation Enter the below commands in your command line to install allure using yarn: yarn add -D@shelex/cypress-allure-plugin Or using npm: npm i -D @shelex/cypress-allure-plugin npm install — save-dev mocha-allure-reporter allure-commandline Allure…

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Page Object Model with Playwright and JAVA

What is Page Object Model (POM)? Page Object Model is a design pattern commonly used in test automation that creates an object repository for web UI elements. It helps us to reduce code duplication and improves test maintenance. We can break…

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How to Setup and run Cypress Test cases In Azure DevOps Pipeline

Blog cover about front-end testing with Cypress and its integration with Azure DevOps and GitHub. Pre-request Azure DevOps Pipeline Azure Pipelines automatically builds and tests code projects to make them available to others. It works with just about any language or…

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Running End-to-End Cypress Test cases in a Google Cloud Pipeline

Cypress is an end-to-end testing framework that is used to test web applications. It is an open-source JavaScript-based framework that enables developers to write and run automated tests for their web applications in a simple and easy way. It allows developers to…

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