Course 1

Starting with Cypress: A Beginner’s Path to Test Automation

Starting with Cypress: A Beginner’s Path to Test Automation

Introduction to Cypress & Writing/Debugging the Script

  • Introduction to Cypress
    • What is Cypress
    • Key features and benefits of Cypress
    • How Cypress different from Selenium
    • Cypress Architecture
  • Writing and debugging the script
    • Creating a new Cypress project.
    • Understanding the project structure
    • Writing Your First Cypress Test
    • Using assertions to validate test outcomes.
    • Navigating the Cypress Test Runner interface.
    • Running and debugging tests
    • Understanding test results and logs
    • Cypress fixtures and custom commands
    • Using hooks (before, beforeEach etc ) effectively

Handling UI elements

Handling UI elements

  • Handling Web UI Controls 
  • Handling Alert and Tab
  • Handling Drop down/Drag Drop handling
  • Handling iframe 
  • Handling Shadow DOM
  • Handling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Cucumber BDD Framework

Cypress BDD

  • Understanding Feature File,Scenario and Step Definitions
  • Setting up Cucumber BDD Framework
  • Creating Multiple Scenarios with example
  • Cucumber HTML report

CI/CD integration

  • CI/CD Integration
    • Github Actions CI/CD pipeline integration
    • Jenkins CI/CD pipeline pipeline integration


  • Mocha awesome Reporting
  • Allure reporting