Course 2

Advanced Cypress Test Automation(Combining UI and API Testing with Cucumber and Page Objects

Advanced Cypress Test Automation(Combining UI and API Testing with Cucumber and Page Objects

Week 1 : Day 1 (3 hrs)Week 1 : Day 2  (3 hrs)
Introduction to JavaScript Creating Cypress Project and Handling Web Controls UI using Cypress
Introduction to Javascript (Why testers need to learn JS)Creating a new Cypress project.
Variable and data type ,Operators in JavaScript Generate the script using Cypress studio
Arrow functionWriting Your First Cypress Test
JavaScript conditional statement (if/else/switch) Running and debugging tests
Looping in JavaScript Basic Assertion in writing the tests with Cypress
Function in JavaScript Understanding test results and logs
Working with Object and Arrays in JavaScript Usage of hooks and tags in Cypress
Class,Object and Method in JavaScriptHandling iframe
Introduction to CypressHandling Shadow DOM
About CypressHandling Alert and Tab
Key features and benefits of CypressHandling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
How Cypress different from SeleniumHandling Lists and Dropdowns
Cypress Architecture
Design Cypress Framework (Part 1)
Using Fixtures and Custom commands
Fixtures and data driven testing in Cypress Understanding
Cypress Custom commands Design Framework Using Custom commands
What is cypress test runner
Build Cypress basic test and run from test runner
Week 2 : Day 2 (3 hrs)Week 2 : Day 2  (3 hrs)Week 3 : Day 2 (3 hrs)
Design Cypress Framework Using POM (Page object Design) &  CucumberCypress cloudCypress Test Case execution on cloud Grid
Setting up Cucumber BDD FrameworkAbout Cypress cloudHow to run Cypress Tests on Cloud Grid using LambdaTest
Understanding Feature File,Scenario and Step DefinitionsSet up the Cypress Cloud 
Creating Multiple Scenarios with exampleIntegrate the Cypress cloud to CI/CD pipeline.

About Postman and Handling CRUD Operation Cypress Test ReplayCypress  Best Practices
High-level Overview of PostmanWhat Test Replay is and why you should use it Explain the best practices of Cypress for Automation with example
CRUD operation Via PostmanHow to get started with Test Replay in Cypress Cloud 

How to debug failed and flaky CI test runs more accurately and efficiently

API Testing Using CypressCypress CI/CD IntegrationReport  generation
About API testing using CypressAbout  GitHub Actions, Pushing code to GIT and execution through CICD pipelineIntegrate Allure report with Cypress
What is cy.request() and cy.intercept()Create GitHub Actions workflow to run Cypress tests
Intercepting network requestsRunning Cypress Tests in GitHub Actions workflow
Mocking network requestsRunning Cypress Tests in Parallel with GitHub Actions and Cypress Cloud.

Validations and Verifications on API

Assertions on API